Can I Get An Emergency Loan With Bad Credit?

where to borrow emergency loans for bad credit

Yes, you can actually get an online loan approved on the same day. Just fill a simple form anytime you need some extra cash. can connect you to a large network of American loan companies. One of these may make you a loan offer in minutes.

A small loan is great when you urgently need some extra funds and cannot wait for weeks till your next paycheck. Many low income families have used such loans before, often just to pay for food and necessities. Other common uses include: rent, grocery, car repairs, tuition, etc.

Even when you have kept some emergency funds aside, sometimes the problem you face is bigger than what you can afford out of pocket. We cannot expect to have sufficient money to cover every potential issue.

Bad Credit Loans For Emergencies

You may not have known anything about maintaining your own credit or having some savings for unexpected expenses. When trouble strikes and you need a loan quickly, then you realize the mess you have gotten into. If you have credit problems, banks will not give you a loan. It can be caused by something as simple as forgetting to pay your credit card bills.

But for people with bad credit, trying to get a loan can be a seriously frustrating experience. Many lenders will refuse to lend them any money, compared to borrowers with a good credit history. If you must get a loan, there are still some options available. Unfortunately, none are cheap.

Types Of Loans Available

Depending on how much you need to borrow and how much you can afford to pay at the end of the month, you can decide whether to use payday or installment loans. If its just a small amount below $1000 dollars and less than 20% of your paycheck, payday loans should suffice. Anything bigger, and you can consider installment loans instead.

How fast you can get the money from the lenders depend on their policy. If you do not have time to waste, ask your lender first. Usually, if you complete the paperwork and forms within business hours, the fastest you can have the money will be the following business day (e.g., you can the money on Monday if you do this on Friday).

More people are choosing installment loans nowadays. The best advantage is how you can pay back via regular monthly or bi-weekly payments. This is less demanding compared to paying the full amount by your next payday. Hence, they are considered more “affordable” because you pay lesser fees each time.

How Long Can I Borrow A Loan For

Some people prefer a longer deadline, as this reduces the size of the monthly payment. Some people want to pay back as soon as possible, as this reduces the interest fees they pay. But doing so requires larger monthly payments, which must fit within your budget.

There is no ideal loan term, this depends strongly on your finances. Try to avoid the risk of late payments, they are quite expensive and not worth it.

Where To Get Emergency Loans Online

Online lenders are much more convenient compared to driving around to the local loan stores. If you like to compare loan terms and lenders, this is quite easily done on the Internet. No matter which way you choose to find a lender, you need to prepare the following information:

  • your Social Security number, driver’s license
  • your income, employer address and contact
  • your bank account numbers
  • your residential address

Sometimes, the lender will request for more information such as copies of your latest paystub or tax return papers. Simply take a photo with your mobile and email or upload according to the instructions.

Some Useful Loan Tips

We think it is better to go straight for the lenders that are most likely to help you. This means if you know your credit is poor, skip the banks or large lenders and approach online lenders directly. Otherwise, you end up wasting a lot of time getting rejected.

Be realistic and understand that you have less choices when you have a low credit score. Loans will be more expensive. The only way to improve your situation is to be thrifty, do not splurge and pay all your bills and debts timely.


Before signing the loan contract, consider if you really need the money. These are notorious for causing the borrower’s finances to fail. Many people end up worse than ever after paying off their loans.

If you think there may be problems paying the lender, you may want to reconsider. Is the deadline too tight, or the fees are too expensive? Personally, we think that some people are misusing these high interest loans. They are best left for urgent situations where there are costly consequences if you do not get the money quickly.

Payday loans for bad credit are very costly ways to borrow money. The APR can go as high as 400% and there are miscellaneous fees which can add up quickly. For example, rollover fees or late payment fees. Due to the tight deadlines, many people get trapped in a debt cycle that is very difficult to escape from.

Can I Get Emergency Loans With No Job

Online emergency loans are usually designed for people who need money fast but cannot get approved at traditional lenders. While it is easier to get approved, the loan interest rates are quite expensive. If you have just lost your job and need some money to tide things over, we are not sure if that is a wise decision. This primarily arises from the high cost. You can get into loan debts if you cannot keep up with the payments.


At, we try to connect you with a lender immediately. However, you must make the careful decision whether to take up the loan offer. We hope you can get your life back on track. Good luck!

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