Can I Get 3500 Installment Loans With Bad Credit?

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Banks usually require borrowers to provide collateral for large loans. You must use a collateral of corresponding value such as a car title, home equity, business, investments etc. If you do not have suitable possessions for loan security or you are unwilling to pledge them, try the alternative online installment loan lenders. These do not require collateral but the loan rates are quite expensive. To know more, get a free loan quote now at

You may wonder why these new U.S. lenders are willing to take the higher risk and lend money without asking for collateral. They are not stupid, only borrowers with minimum credit and income can get approved. That said, the requirements for a 3500 loan online is still quite accessible to more people who want to borrow money with just their signature and credit history.

How Do Installment Loans Work?

Note that installment loans are not secured by any collateral. Instead, your signature and promise to pay a certain amount whenever you get paid. The lender is willing to accept this arrangement after knowing you have a stable income. The main advantage is fast approval and the money can be available in your account as quickly as next business day.

You can get one from legit online loan lenders. The provider appears to be on the losing end, since many borrowers really do not pay back fully. You should make good the loan agreement, since the consequences are worse.

Compared to the common payday loans, an installment loan has higher borrowing limits. The deadline is also longer, giving you sufficient time to slowly pay back. You are not restricted on how to spend the borrowed funds. We strongly suggest using only installment loans purely for important reasons since they are quite expensive.

What Are The Benefits Of $3500 Loans For Bad Credit?

When you need amount above one thousand, payday loans are usually not feasible. On the other hand, installment loans allow you to borrow more and pay later. Of course, the loan interest rates will not be cheap, especially if you have credit problems. Payday loans are better when you just need to borrow a small amount and can confidently pay back within the month. Installment loans will cost more since you can pay over several months.

Usually, installment loans do not involve any collateral, just show proof that you have a regular income well above the minimum loan payments. In fact, many online lenders are not able to receive collateral even if you wanted to provide.

Look through the loan contract. If you agree to the terms and fees, just sign and promise to pay back as scheduled. This is very convenient when you need a large loan but earning a low income. Even individuals who own cars and homes may still prefer unsecured installment loans because they do not want to risk their ownership.

You can pay back the loans via smaller monthly payments. It is more easy on your wallet compared to payday loans with tight deadlines. For example, it is impossible to pay back a 3000 loan at the end of the month when you earn less than that. Instead of making a single lump sum payment, you do smaller fixed payments spread over the entire financing period. This makes your budget planning smoother.

How Do I Get A $3500 Loan With No Hidden Fees?

3500 installment loan Finding a installment loan is easy on and you can do so anytime anywhere. There is no need to pledge collateral, no need to wait for days. Check out the basic requirements and what are your chances to be eligible for online installment loans in general:

  • You are above 18 years old.
  • You are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • You have a government issued identification papers to prove your identity.
  • You have a stable income (above some minimum criteria).
  • You have an active bank account.
  • You have a phone number for verification purposes.

If you are worried loan enquiries will be recorded on your credit files, see whether you meet all the above mentioned. If not, you can save the trouble of signing up for loan quotes.

In many states, you cannot get a new installment loan until you have finished paying any existing loans.


The interest rates on these installment loans is not cheap, especially when you have bad credit. Since the borrowing period can be several months long, the overall fees do add up substantially. Each monthly loan payment pays part of the the principal amount as well as the interest fees.

The next step is to get a free loan quote through You may be connected with a lender immediately, or some other alternative suggestions.

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